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Journey to Corfu (Kerkyra)

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I always have been attracted by the idea of visiting Corfu. When i thought  of this island i remembered scraps of Odyssey Travel, the fighting under the command of Admiral Ushakov, the Turkish battleships, the Republic of Venice and the Empress Sissi.

The spectacular views of the mighty monolithic Old Fortress of Corfu and Venetian style houses is opening approaching to the island. Corfu welcome us with a lack of parking places and 35-degree heat, so we hurried to hide from the sun in the shade of the narrow streets. 

Once in the old town, we forget that we are in Greece. Typical Italian courtyards with laundry hanging to dry in the sun, peeling red-orange walls and green shutters instead of Greek blue.

The tower with a clock of St. Spyridon’s church is a kind of landmark in the Old Town. St. Spyridon especially revering in Russia. Pausing at the temple, we hurried to  have a look at the famous old fort. When we arrived the ticket office was closed, and they allowed us to pass with the dog and for free, and there was virtually no visitors. We were lucky enough to watch the sunset from the city walls. So, of course, we were not upset at all!

For the trip we took our Ruffy, which obviously promoted to the popularity of the breed all over the world, because where are so many tourists from all corners of the earth, and for every second one i had to explain what breed it is. Tired of impressions and Ruffy’s popularity, we moved for the night.

It turned out to be a convenient and inexpensive choice in favor of renting the house as opposed to the usual hotel rooms.

The view of the tiny island with white Blachernae monastery and even smaller nearby Mouse Island seemed to me the most Greek looking image on Corfu. There is the airport nearby the island and the planes fly directly overhead, almost touching the bell tower.

The nature of Corfu impressing even someone who accustomed to the beauty of the Greece. Spectacular hilly terrain, small islands, the abundance of greenery and trees, azure sea … all these beauties irreversibly make working up an appetite. In Greece, I really like the way of cooking – the dishes are seasonal, always fresh, and the taste is not masked by the abundance of sauces and spices. I don’t eat meat, and i don’t feel left out in the gastronomic pleasures – seafood, vegetables, fruits, cheeses.

We stocked up some cheese on the way home in the mountain village Metsovo, famous for its cheese makers and wood craftsmen. Cobblestones, which are washing every morning, the roofs covered with flat stones, and everywhere – the smell of wood.

Irina Korneeva

Senior Fashion Designer

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