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5 Fashion Tips for autumn-winter 2017-18

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The autumn/winter 2017 fashion trends are shaping up in such a way that many trends remain at the peak of popularity for several seasons in a row, and this is wonderful. For example, everybody’s favorite combo of a chunky knit and a wide midi skirt, or a Boho dress. The boundaries between what is “in fashion” and what is “out of fashion” are broken, the concept of seasonality is blurred.

And still, how to cheer yourself this fall?

For instance, with a new dress. And better – with a Day-to-Night Dress. Buying a dress make sure that it can be worn from morning till night. By changing only accessories and shoes the same dress you can freely choose for the office or for a date.

Blazers and jackets with shoulder pads are back in fashion – as an element of Power Dressing (the style of business ladies and influential people – take the best from the looks of Hillary Clinton and Angela Merkel), or in combo with a Slip Dress and sneakers. Or you can put on an elongated jacket … and forget about bottom at all. Elongated jackets and pullovers without a bottom is a bold trend now.

If this style is out of your comfort zone – wear a fitted jacket with a pleated skirt or chiffon dress. Along with Over size and Power Dressing style, a highly romantic girlish look is particularly relevant today. Ruffles, flounces, ruching, flared sleeves, airy chiffon dresses are the essentials of any girl’s autumn wardrobe. Make a focus on the waist – it could be a fitt & flare silhouette dress or a wide belt at the waist – it’s up to you.

Cropped trousers confidently occupy a leading position in the wardrobe for several years ahead. They can be plain, Jacquard, checked, slim or flared, fringed, and even with frills on the bottom. Wear them with a coat, long cardigan or a sweater.

Add some color!

Red – the color of passion and self-confidence – is at the peak of popularity. This is an absolute win-win this fall and another bright trend. So are the rich shades of red – cherry, burgundy, copper, red-orange. This season red can be a dress, a coat or trousers. Or all together head-to-toe. You can fully dress in Total Red, or play with the contrasts and add bright accents.

Mix and match – colors, textures, styles.

Clothing may be a great way to lift one’s spirits. Unleash your imagination and boldly combine the brightest colors. Fuchsia and red, orange and red, burgundy and royal blue, shades of yellow (mustard, lemon) with black or rich blue will reveal you as an independent person and a fashionista. A colored fur jacket over a light dress will sheer you up on a dank dull autumn day.

Clothing made of leather, as well as combinations with leather details are strongly recommended again. Leather trousers or dress, jackets, leather inserts, even the simple addition of the leather accessories will bring your wardrobe into the here and now.

Invest in gold!

Purchasing a gold or silver dress, trousers or a blouse will be a good investment of money. If you do not want to shine head-to-toe, then let it be at least a glitter print or embroidery with a gold thread. Well, or at least, break the bank for gold or silver socks – and you’ll be surely in trend.

If by purchasing of a color fur coat and a gold dress you were finally knocked out of the budget, and to buy shoes it’s out of your options at the moment, do not be discouraged. Another trend will help you make it to the discounts. Wear a pair of fluffy socks right with the sandals! But as for me it’s too much. But to buy a pair of colored or pattern tights is definitely worth it – this autumn this trend sounds very loud.

Do not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing prints in winter.

All this magnificence of colors and textures would be incomplete without fashion patterns and ornaments. Here – leopard in blouses, dresses, coats and accessories; Geometry- particularly check and polka dot, and floral prints that were transferred from summer.

Fashion as a social phenomenon is always a reflection of cultural, economic and political processes in society. As consequence – global trends, such as multiculturalism, individualism. Look at the models that participate in catwalks and ad campaigns – they are all of different age, skin color, body type.

So, the most important advice of the autumn – Be yourself!

Irina Korneeva

Senior Fashion Designer

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