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How to look thinner using clothes

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Why in some clothes we look slim, and in another – a couple of sizes more? It’s all about optical illusions.

Knowing and using visual illusions in clothes, it is much easier to find a closet and even to change dramatically the way you look.

So, our task is to focus attention on the strengths, balance the silhouette and correctly place the accents.

Choose clothes to make you feel comfortable

If you keep pulling on your skirt or adapting your straps all the time, everyone will notice that. The biggest style blunder that most people make is wearing clothing that not fits correctly. Very often I notice empire waist dresses, where the undercut is lifted on the breast and flatten and cross it out. Disaster! In fact, such a cut is intended to emphasize the bust. Probably it is or a mistake in the patterns, or you wear the dress in a wrong way.

Long vertical and diagonal lines are visually slimming, horizontal lines appear to widen the silhouette

Take control of the verticals and horizontals, and the result will impress you! Buttons in a row, high cuts, V-neck, long scarf or shawl, creases on the pants, side stripes, vertical seams and stripes will help to look slimmer. The exception is a wide contrasting stripes and frequent deep folds. They make the figure larger.

Nude color pump shoes will work for vertical. They work with absolutely everything in your closet and visually will make your legs longer.

Long earrings and long necklace optically make slender a face and a neck. But it’s better to choose one thing and not wear long earrings and necklace together. Refuse large and short beads – they cross out the neck and shorten it. The same with the choker – it is not for everybody.

If you have a large bust, it is better to abandon brooches on lapels of jackets. If on the contrary, you want to add visually the bust volume or widen the narrow shoulders, wear horizontal striped or check blouses. Your best friends will be the “boatneck”, “sweetheart” necklines, horizontal ruffles and flounces.

Monochrome outfit

Nothing make a silhouette seems slender like a monochrome look. In other words, when you are dressed in one color from head to toe. Everything – a dress, tights, shoes and a coat are the same color. This trend does not give up its positions for several seasons in a row. There’s something undeniably sophisticated about a monochromatic outfit.

Outfit assembled from different shades of the same color looks super elegant and high-end. Layering one color family together creates interesting dimension and allows you play up silhouettes, accessories, and different lengths. For example, from a fresh mint shade to an emerald green and dark avokado green.

Jumpsuit is another one smart example of a monochrome outfit. Long vertical lines of jumpsuit visually lengthen the figure, so certainly long jumpsuit fits absolutely to any woman.

The same applies to the fashionable Culottes. Match them with a blouse from the same color family – it’s a win-win option that visually will not shorten your legs. Wear your culottes with a pointed toe shoes with medium-thick heel and same color matt tights, or give preference to your favorite nude pumps without tights. Do not wear shoes with round toe and wide bootlegs paired with culottes!

Muted, dark colors

Dark colors really have a magical effect! The fact is that the human eye sees dark objects smaller, and light ones – larger. That’s why dark blue, purple, chocolate, dark green and black outfits give a sense of shapely figure.

Color blocking

Is a method of wearing multiple solid colors in an outfit. Dark vertical side inserts will “cut off” the unwanted curves. And with the help of curved, narrowing at the waist inserts, you can create the visually slender waistline.

Be careful – a contrasting blouse tucked into trousers or a skirt can play a cruel joke. But there is a solution- tuck the blouse only at the front, and at the back leave it free.

Wear correctly slim fit clothing

For tight clothes the first priority is to choose correct underwear. Avoid straps that digging into your sides/armpits – they will “cut” the figure and appear through tight clothing. It is better to choose seamless panties and a stapless bra or a bra with wide straps. Purchase the sculpting shapewear for a special event, and you will look gorgeous!

Give preference to matt fabrics

Clothes made of shiny glossy fabrics make us look larger, after all shine is always attracts attention, and emphasizes even the smallest imperfection. Therefore, it is better to avoid tight-fitting dresses made of glossy fabrics, fabrics with paillettes and velor. However, do not deny yourself the pleasure of wearing shiny dresses, just add the shine dosed – combine shiny and matte surfaces in one outfit. For example, combine a satin dress with a matt blazer, or create a monochrome look with a sequin top, matt trousers and a cardigan. Or choose a dress with shiny and matte inserts.

Finally, the most important thing is a great posture and a graceful gait!

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