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colorful and literally sparkling

Fashion Trends Spring-Summer 2018 you have to know

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Fashion Season Spring-Summer 2018 promises to be really bright, colorful and literally sparkling. Fashion trends are largely shaped by the influence of the 80’s. The most memorable and even iconic fashion event of this season was, of course, the Donatella Versace show, dedicated to her brother, Gianni Versace. The breathtaking defile of supermodels of the 90’s in gold dresses was the culmination of the Milan Fashion Week, which clearly marked the key trends of the forthcoming spring-summer season: glitter and gloss, color – whether it’s neon or pastel, 80’s esthetics, 90’s minimalism.

Aesthetics of the 80’s

The silhouettes clearly show the influence of the 80’s – broad shoulders, high waist trousers, pencil skirts, and tighten waists. This spring you need to carefully inspect your basic wardrobe, as it brought important changes. These are the certain pieces that will stay in your closet for a long time, and will knock into one the transient trends. Here are the more classic items that cropped up the most: a pencil midi skirt with a high cut or a button fastened from top to bottom; pantsuit; double-breasted trench coat with shoulder and back yoke; double-breasted dress – pull out them again! About accessories – the belt bags, wide waist belts and, naturally, strap sandals with the socks. And if you do not have them in your wardrobe yet, now it is the right time to buy something from the list.

Denim total look

Jeans, jacket, shirt, boots, cap, and bag – put on blue denim from head to toe! The fact is the blue wash jeans as we remember them in the 80’s are the hot trend now.

Sequins, glitter, fringe, lace

Inspired by the Donatella Versace gold dresses, sparkling dresses at Gucci and jumpsuits at Saint Laurent, finally let’s succumb to the temptation and purchase a sparkling evening outfit. Sequins and glitter will firmly occupy positions in the wardrobe staples as prints, trimmings and accessories.

This spring, the closest attention is paid to all sorts of finishes and trimmings, and we absolutely cannot do without long fringe or marabou ripples on the dress or skirt hems. Or a lace dress head-to-toe.

Prints and patterns

If you think that tartan and plaid is only for winter, then you are deeply mistaken. This year plaid should be worn both in summer and in winter.

Stripes are another actual trend of spring-summer 2018. Can be vertical, horizontal, diagonal, or make a combo of different stripes in one outfit.

Polka dot – large, small, and medium – everything is “in”.

Vintage floral patterns on the dresses, blouses, and even outerwear.

Bold pop art prints inspired by Andy Warhol, like Versace collection, drawings from comics, like Prada, cartoon characters like Comme des Garçons on dresses, pants, raincoats, shoes and bags.

Animal prints also do not give up positions – zebra, python, leopard again appeared in all its glory in fashion shows.

Another bold trend of spring-summer 2018 – prints and patterns mix & match. Feel free to combine flowers and polka dot, python and pop art, tartan and stripes in one outfit.

Bold, juicy colors

Get ready for a real explosion of color this spring! Try on a bright monochrome look or combine several saturated colors in one outfit – bright pink with orange, coral with purple, canary yellow, pistachio, royal blue. The color of the year in 2018 according to Pantone is Ultra Violet PANTONE 18-3838. As an alternative – you can add bold neon accents to your outfit, what is more they have to be different colors. For example, a bright blue waist belt and a canary-yellow hand bag.

Delicate pastel colors

Romantic outfits made from weightless translucent fabrics, with an abundance of frills and flounces, as if descended from the Impressionists paintings. Gentle pastel shades of pure colors in total looks or in mix’n’match – lavender with lemon, pink with pistachio, lilac, nude, sky-blue.

90’s Minimalism

If you do not like pop art, sequins and denim, take a closer look at minimalism. Try a simple black or white dress, a laconic trouser suit, minimum of accessories. If you prefer more creative combinations, choose an asymmetric cut like Hussein Chalayan or Helmut Lang collections.

The minimal Slip dress do not run off the catwalks for several seasons in a row, but this spring it looks more like an evening dress than a dress-to-sleep – now it’s trimmed with crystals or sequins.

We already appreciated jumpsuits and this spring they are going to be a staple item in our wardrobe. We’ll wear it next season – with wide fluid trousers, translucent, shortened, with sleeves, with wide belts or double-breasted fastened.

Sport chic

Be creative this summer – combine sportswear with long skirts and romantic dresses.

Clothes made of plastic

Thanks to Raf Simons at Calvin Klein vinyl clothing and accessories confidently grab the catwalks – matte and transparent raincoats, jackets, boots, shoes, bags, and even dresses and hats.

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Irina Korneeva

Senior Fashion Designer

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